HowTo: Render SSL on your Hosted Websites


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With all the websites that still do not use SSL, and the clear benefits that SSL provides, the only reason I can see that people are still not using it is that it’s not straightforward for the time-challenged and the uninitiated.   So let’s do this.

Secure Sockets Layer is currently the most common method of encrypting access to websites.   It’s used by all manner of e-commerce, banking, security and other websites, and is highly advisable for all sites as it provides protection for your visitors and you.   SSL is a streaming cipher (as opposed to a block-cipher, i.e. for disks) which offers perfect forward secrecy as it uses a long-term public/private keypair, to exchange short-term symmetric keys for streaming.

This HowTo assumes that you have one or more websites residing with a hosting firm, and that you control them with cPanel.   It also assumes that you’d like to have your SSL certificates, eh, without cost.