Security of Bank Checks

As I now have a new credit union I need new checks.   I was just about to order them through the credit union like I usually do, but their price stopped me in my tracks:  $102 for 100 plain green checks!   Well I remember a couple decades ago my dad complaining about paying $1 per check, but that was way before mass-customization.

I’d have to get my own checks this time.   Checks are still a security problem for three main reasons.   Thieves steal your outgoing bill payments from your mailbox, then:

  • “wash” the checks with solvents to get your writing off, then they write their own amount to their alias;
  • use a color copier or scanner to duplicate your checks with new amounts;
  • physically cut out the writing and graft in something suitable to them.

(Get a good locking mailbox, and take your payments to the post office)