HowTo: Build an Encrypted ZFS Array ~ Part 2 ~ The Array

zfsThis is a continuation of Build an Encrypted ZFS Array – Part 1 – Encryption, although if you do not choose to encrypt, you could pick up here.   This HowTo is Debian-centric.   Caution:   Sometimes command-lines wrap below, because of the width of the page.

~~   Building the Array   ~~

We now have 4 disk drives set up encrypted, and their raw devices reside at /dev/mapper/sdb ~ sde.   We want to assemble these into a ZFS array so they’ll appear as one volume to the system, and with RAID-Z for data integrity.   First a few rules:


HowTo: Build an Encrypted ZFS Array ~ Part 1 ~ Encryption

~~   Forward   ~~


The Zettabyte File System is an advanced filesystem which was developed by Sun Microsystems and is now owned by Oracle, and although it has always been open-source, its CDDL license is incompatible with GPL and so it will not be included in the Linux kernel.   Now that ZFSonLinux is stable though, it is available as a DKMS package.

With this article, we are going to set up a ZFS array of multiple disks, which will be assembled to appear as one volume, for use as /home, or /media/backups, or other functions where massive data storage is required.   In addition each of the disks comprising our array will be encrypted, and the data will be compressed for better storage efficiency and throughput.   Now this may look long, but I am documenting everything and I’ve made every effort to make it easy.