Re-Roofing With Torch-Down Modified Bitumen

Putting on a new roof is way out of my normal line, but I decided to learn it because I love to learn, and eh, because I wanted to save $4,000.   And anyway, I need the exercise.   I will explain this without shyness of my mistakes and in unvarnished words, so you can learn from my good and bad and do it right yourself the first time.

I own a property in unincorporated Everett, WA with a half-acre of developable land, and a house that was built in 1964.   The roof on the house is the original, and is thus in terrible condition after 50 years;   the tenants recently complained about a leak, so as a temporary measure I covered the area with a tarp.
(Click to enlarge… if you dare)
4. 21 Aug 2016