DefCon corollary — Seeking Employment

Back in 1999, DefCon attendees were viewed with great suspicion by employers.   When a manager of the NSA or a big company became known at the conference, he was overrun by attendees trying to give him their resume, but were mostly denied.   Whenever I described any knowledge of hacking methods, the response was always fear.   So I stopped going into detail, even when the job is computer security.   These days though, people (without a record) who know how hacking is done and how to defend against it, are actively recruited.



DefCon: The good, the bad and ‘the Feds’

defconAh, DefCon, my favorite convention.   I should have gone this year.   It’s a celebration of determination, independence, intellectual accomplishment, and constant learning.

My brother and I went to DefCon in 1999.   I managed to talk my way into the Press Room and got full press credentials with access to special areas   —   I’d hacked the hacker’s conference.   I did have to wait 20 minutes for my brother to get through the regular line though.   I later sold my DefCon press credentials on eBay for $14.   Shoulda kept them.